C PROGRAMMING (C Programming Course)


This course is designed to teach the fundamental concepts of C programming, including data types, control structures, functions, and memory management. Students will gain hands-on experience with practical applications of C programming, learning to create efficient and reliable software solutions. By the end of the course, students will have a strong understanding of the C programming language.

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1 Month

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What are the Things you Master from Course?


C programming


Problem Solving


Logical Thinking

What Are The Topics Covered By This Course?

  • Basics of C Programming: We will start with the basics of C programming language, including its syntax, structure, data types, and variables. You will learn how to write and execute simple C programs, and how to use the command-line interface.
  • Operators and Control Structures: In this section, we will cover the basic operators used in C, such as arithmetic, logical, and bitwise operators. You will also learn about control structures, such as if-else statements and switch statements, and how to use them to control the flow of your program.
  • Loop Structures: We will cover the different types of loop structures in C, such as for, while, and do-while loops. You will learn how to use these loops to repeat a set of statements multiple times, and how to control the loop using break and continue statements.
  • Arrays: This section will focus on arrays, which are used to store multiple values of the same data type. You will learn how to declare and initialize arrays, and how to access and modify array elements.
  • User-Defined Data Types: We will cover user-defined data types, such as structures and unions, which allow you to group related data together. You will learn how to declare and use these data types in your programs.
  • Pointers: This section will focus on pointers, which are variables that store memory addresses. You will learn how to declare and use pointers, and how to manipulate memory using pointers.
  • Functions: We will cover functions, which are reusable blocks of code that perform a specific task. You will learn how to declare and define functions, and how to pass arguments to functions.

What Are The Benefits Provided By This Course


Course Completion Certificate


Community Support


Hands-On Experience


Expert Instruction


Networking Opportunities


One-month access to SNA labs

C PROGRAMMING (C Programming Course)
master course

100+ Reviews

Duration 1 Month

Course Price : 999

Selfmade Mentor

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Hi, My name is Sibidharan Nandhakumar, I am your C Programming Course mentor


Sibidharan is a highly experienced with over 15+ years and knowledgeable course mentor, With a background in IoT, Web Application and Cybersecurity. Sibidharan has a deep understanding of the subject matter and is able to provide students with practical and valuable guidance throughout their learning journey.

Founder of Selfmade Ninja Academy
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Hi, My name is Manoj Kumar, I am your C Programming Course mentor


I have been in the electronics industry since the age of 17. I have experience doing design and development business around Embedded systems design for some of the biggest brands and start-ups.

Founder of Electrolance
instructor image

Hi, My name is Nishant, I am your C Programming Course mentor


I have a seasoned security professional with 8+ years of work experience in the fields of application security, exploit development and cloud security.

Red Team




999 + Tax*

What Included

Benefits Provided

  • ✔Course Completion Certificate
  • ✔Community Support
  • ✔Hands-On Experience
  • ✔Expert Instruction
  • ✔Networking Opportunities
  • ✔One-month access to SNA labs

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Students Testimonial


Hariharan Ravi

Web engineering teaches things that are not typically taught in institutes or academies. It's hard to believe how much I learned in just 3 months. Sibi bro taught us industry standards and the tools used in companies. The lab was very useful, and I believe I learned everything about the internet. I feel ready for job placements.

College Student



SNA is the best platform to learn current technology up-to-date, And I'm learning Sibi Anna's 14+ years of experience in this one course, In SNA I'm learning a lot of new technology and while learning this new technology I'm getting new ideas to make a new product. This platform teaches me how to learn on my own. I'm learning a lot of things from Sibi Anna.

College Student


Venkatesh M

It can't explain by words so full-fledged labs. We are very lucky to be part of SNA because of the labs, knowledge, and strong community that we made. SNA labs are the perfect labs where everyone can practice from scratch to a high level.

College Student


vijayan R

I had never experienced this kind of teaching in my life. Really your teaching is awesome and you changed my way of thinking. Tq bro.

College Student


Isakki Raja

Sibi's course brought me back on track. I consider this course one of the best investments in my life. It changed me as a person and it made me look at programming with a different view 🙂

College Student


Rithish Sam

Real World Industry standard course. Very helpful when i wanted to upgrade my skills and excel in my industry.

Software Engineer


Frequently Asked Questions

C programming language is a high-level, general-purpose programming language used for developing operating systems, system software, device drivers, embedded systems, and more. It is popular because it is fast, efficient, and has a relatively simple syntax that makes it easy to learn and use.

A compiler is a program that translates source code written in a high-level programming language like C into machine code that can be executed by a computer. An interpreter, on the other hand, executes source code directly, without first translating it into machine code.

A pointer in C programming is a variable that stores the memory address of another variable. It is important because it allows programs to dynamically allocate memory, pass arguments by reference, and manipulate data structures like linked lists and trees.

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SNA Labs is a virtual lab in the cloud that helps students learn by giving them hands-on experience. It allows students to understand different concepts better by using practical applications.

Yes, Selfmade Ninja Academy will issue you a certificate upon completion of the program.

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